Analysis of the Per-unit Work Effort and Per-Unit Work Cost of the Web Information Portal Enhancement

a Case Study from Poland

Czarnacka-Chrobot, B.

In this paper we present a case study on tender competition concerning the enhancement of Web Information Portal (WIP) of one of the largest public institutions in Poland in which one of the three potential developers offered possibility to enhance such system at the cost of 300 US dollars per 1 Function Point (FP) of the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC) method, whereas the other two attempted to prove that the enhancement of WIP at such unit cost is not possible to carry out. According to them, the unit cost was underestimated even several times. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate it is possible to carry out enhancement of the WIP at the above mentioned per-unit cost and consequently that the offer of a certain company does not feature the so-called abnormally low tender price as defined in the act “Public Procurement Law”, which makes it impossible to choose given tenderer due to the legal reasons. The analysis served as a main basis for settling legal dispute between a company offering values of attributes that are being analysed in the paper and the competing companies – in favour of a company having been selected by client as the company had proved that in the discussed area the selection of developer was made in accordance with the Polish law.

Publishing date
IWSM 2014
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