A Framework for Software Project Estimation Based on COSMIC, DSM and Rework Characterization

Afsharian, S., Giacomobono, M., Inverardi, P.

Effective software project estimation is one of the most challenging
activities in software development. In today’s highly
competitive world, accurate software estimation can make
the difference between successful projects and dismal failures.
Proper project planning and control is not possible
without a sound and reliable estimate.
In this paper we propose a framework, developed by Ericsson
R&D Italy, for project time and cost estimation for software
development projects in the telecommunications domain.
The customization of Design Structure Matrix (DSM), the
application of COSMIC and the study of defect complexity
curves are the components of this new estimation framework.
The joint application of these three components allows
all stakeholders interested in the estimation result to
have a common view based on objective data and to understand
how a change to functional and quality requirements
can impact the result.

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