The Measurement Practices Committee is in the process of updating all existing documents to align with v4.0.1 of the COSMIC method, and to refer to the ‘cosmic-sizing’ website. As each document is updated, we review it to check it is still all OK.
We have now completed this checking process on the ‘Introduction’ document. An updated v1.1 is now available for free download from the Knowledge Base.
Two main changes were needed. First was to update the definition of ‘Non-Functional Requirements’ in line with the new Guideline on NFR and project requirements published last November. Second, we found some improvements were needed to the definition of the requirements and the measurement results for the example real-time domestic alarm system in section 6.9. A few other minor editorial changes were also made.
We hope you find this document valuable to help introduce COSMIC, its method and publications to your management and colleagues.
And from COSMIC, we wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2016.