Users of the COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method


This document lists the names of some major organizations that use the COSMIC method of measuring a functional size of software.
The list has been compiled from names of organizations that have acknowledged their use in some way e.g. by publishing experience or research findings, or from which several individuals have passed the COSMIC Entry-level certification exam, information that is in the public domain. Also included is a list of major suppliers of estimating tools that accept COSMIC-measured sizes as input. They have their own users and we have no knowledge of those organizations.
This list of users is very far from complete and contains only a small sample from each country. Often we hear of users of the method, but they wish their use to remain confidential. The names of many smaller users of the method have also been excluded. Further, the COSMIC method is very easy to use, so many organizations start to use the method and we never hear from them at all. Also not included are names of the many universities where the method is taught or consultancies that teach and support the method. Many of these have their own clients that we do not know. We are informed, for example, that very many organizations have been trained in the method in China and Japan.


Method no longer supported

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