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Guidance on using the COSMIC methodology on business application software



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The purpose of this Guideline is to provide additional advice beyond that given in the ‘Measurement
Manual’ [1] on how to apply the COSMIC method v4.0.1 of Functional Size Measurement (FSM) to
size software from the domain generally referred to as ‘business application’ software
1. This is the domain for which ‘First generation’ FSM methods, such as the IFPUG, MkII and NESMA methods, were designed to be applicable.
2 The Measurement Manual contains the concept definitions, principles, rules, and measurement
processes which expand on the basic definition of the method as given in the ISO/IEC 19761:2011
standard [2]. It also contains much explanatory text on the concepts, plus examples of application of
the method to software from various domains.

This Guideline expands on the explanatory text and provides additional detailed guidance and more
examples for sizing business application software that can be provided in the Measurement Manual.

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