Guideline for Sizing Real-time Software v1.1.2

Symons, C.R., Lesterhuis, A., Desharnais, J.-M.

Version 1.1.2 complies with Measurement Manual v4.0.2.
This guideline concerns the measurement of ‘real-time’ software, where we use this term in a broad sense. For the purpose of this Guideline, we also include any software whose operation is controlled by a clock mechanism. The COSMIC method can be used to measure the functionality of all these various types of ‘real-time’ software. (However, it should be noted that a specific timing constraint, or ‘deadline’ such as ‘all commands must be satisfied within 1 millisecond’ is a non-functional requirement.
Examples of real-time software include the monitoring and control of industrial systems, automated acquisition of data from the environment and scientific experiments, the monitoring and control of vehicle systems such as engines, ventilation, collision-avoidance, etc. and of household appliances.


Method no longer supported

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