Early estimating using COSMIC-FFP

Vogelezang, F.

One of the prerequisites for introducing the COSMIC-FFP functional size measurement in
organisations is the quality that it is suitable for early estimation. This paper will explain
that the early estimation techniques using COSMIC-FFP can be used in the early stages of
software development or maintenance.
Two early estimation techniques have been developed based on COSMIC-FFP:
approximate COSMIC-FFP and the refined approximate technique. The use of these two
techniques have been investigated in four different commercial sectors. The investigated
early size estimation techniques appear to be environment dependent. This paper will explain
how the values for these figures can be derived. Furthermore the precision of these
techniques have been investigated to establish that they give a good estimate, compared to a
detailed size measurement in a later stage of the software development.
Finally the use in early cost estimation is described.


Method no longer supported

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