Annual Report 2014

Method Maturity & Organizational Formalization

Vogelezang, F.W.

For COSMIC, 2014 is the year in which we upgraded the method to version 4.0. The same principles have now become more accessible to novice users and non-native English speakers
We also worked hard to make the organization more professional. New legislation in Canada speeded up the organizational part, because we had to rewrite our Constitution to fulfill the obligations posed by the new Not For Profit act in Canada. All key positions in the COSMIC organization are now subject to a 3-year review/re-election period to ensure that people holding such a position remain active and committed to the organization and its goals.
In 2014 COSMIC dedicated a lot of time and energy in the relation with national Software Metrics Associations. Now key officials of a number of national SMA’s also hold key positions in the COSMIC organization. Among them the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. This has also resulted in two combined projects:
The development of a Case Study, together with Nesma
A common glossary on NFR, together with IFPUG
We also worked hard in realizing an on-line certification exam for the entry-level certification exam. In this way more people can prove their knowledge of the fundamentals of the COSMIC method.
Also we welcomed two additional countries to the IAC: Australia and South Africa. Two important industrialized nations now also have a local representation from COSMIC.


Method no longer supported

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