Annual Report 2013

Accelerating use throughout the world

Vogelezang, F.W.

The year 2013 has shown further great progress in the acceptance and development of the COSMIC method. If 2012 was the year in which acceptance of the method ‘took off’, then 2013 was the year in which its acceptance continued to climb steeply – see the statistics in this report.
We also made substantial progress in the development of 4.0 version of the method, which was published in 2014, and in the creation of new guides.
The progress we see in the acceptance and use of the COSMIC method varies from country to country. Therefore we have asked our International Advisory Council representatives to share some of the highlights of COSMIC use and acceptance in their country. (The 25 countries which have a IAC representative or where there is known use of the COSMIC method are shown coloured blue on the map on the front of this Annual Report.)


Method no longer supported

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