Commercial support

COSMIC is an Open Source organization, dedicated to the development and proliferation of the COSMIC method to determine a functional size of pieces of software. If you have questions with regard to the method, you can contact the COSMIC community by using the forum. Use of the forum is free for all registered users (and registration is free as well). We cannot guarantee that the forum will provide the speed and quality you need for your organization. All over the world experienced individuals and commercial organizations are there to help you – on a commercial basis – with COSMIC related services or tools.

In the sub-menu you will find a list of vendors, in alphabetical name order per country, that have notified COSMIC that they can supply services and products related to the COSMIC method. COSMIC takes no responsibility for the content or quality of any of the services or products offered. For any required services or products, please contact the vendors directly.

Any vendor of COSMIC related services or products not listed in the sub-menu may send the relevant details via the form below.

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