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    Jean Arial

    I’m an old timer in project management, but a new comer in cosmic function point.

    I just got a new project, where it was evaluated using CFP. I started to read about the subject and what I understand is that CFP measures the sizing of functional requirements. For each functional requirement, an effort performance is assigned (hours, days, ..). My question is, for a project estimation point of view, that’s exclude activities like project management, acceptance testing, stress testing, intrusion testing, deployment and multi-platform delivery, etc. Am I right ?


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    Frank Vogelezang

    Dear Jean,

    Strictly speaking, does COSMIC only measure the size of the functional user requirements. For a project estimate you’re not interested in the size, but in the amount of money, resources, time and schedule you need. Therefore you need to translate the size to the things you are looking for. That could theoretically include a lot of activities, as long as you know how the size relates to these activities.

    For most of the activities you mention the functional size is not the primary driver, which means that there is no relation, or only a weak relation between the size and these activities. Acceptance and stress testing of more functionality might require more resources than less functionality, but in my experience not in a 1:1 relation.

    Project Management is perhaps an exception. Although Project Management activities are primarily driven by schedule time and customer relation, there is in a fairly strong correlation between the software build activities and Project Management.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Frank

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    Jean Arial

    Thanks Frank, this help.

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    Shashirekha Kandi

    Yes, It excludes PM, SQA/PQA, UAT , stress testing, intrusion testing, deployment and multi-platform delivery andany post production support efforts. They are captured separately and agree with client on alternate price for these efforts.

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