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      Maricela Martínez


      I have a measurement of a report, in which in addition to the information of the market, the file will need stay in a specific place, and that the file will have a specific name like this MM_PR_SP_MARKET_SHARE_DIF_PERIOD_AAAAMMDD_###.TXT in which
      MM will be the prefix of the module
      PR will be the prefix of the Subprocess
      PERIOD will be Period of Quota
      DIF will have the number of differences

      I got the CFPs with the data groups that exit in the report.
      Nevertheless, a considerable effort is apply to name the file (due to some rules of business to name it). Could I count an additional CFP due to an additional data group will be save in the name of this file?

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      Frank Vogelezang

      Hi Maricela,

      To create the name of the report file, the functional process needs to retrieve data. If this is stored data and the data is different from the data you need for the report itself, then the functional process needs additional Reads to retrieve that data. DIF suggests that data from the report is compared to an earlier version of the report. If that is not already part of the report, the comparison items should be counted as Reads as well.

      Furthermore, the naming of the file conveys information that is relevant to a user, so this suggests that the filename is an additional data group that accounts for an additional Exit on top of all the data groups that are in the report itself.

      Hope this helps.


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      Maricela Martínez

      It is clear, thanks for your answere

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