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      Maricela Martínez


      I have an inquiry in which the application needs to find an operation. Nevertheless there are a lot of parameters for which the application needs to find the information. It is required to find the operation by description, by status, by year, by month, by Identification, by year and month, etc. There are many combinations among at least 15 fields. Even if the user only wrote some characters, the application must complete the word.

      Is this measurement corrrect?
      1 Entry (parameters)
      1 Read (operations)
      1 Exit ( show the information)

      On the other hand in another functional process given an IdClient it is requiered to show the name of the client.

      I would like to confirm this measurement
      1 Entry (IdClient)
      1 Read (Client)
      1 Exit (Show the name)

      If both measurements are correct, I have this question, have both of them the same size even when the first one imply more effort?

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      Frank Vogelezang

      Hi Maricela,

      When all the parameters do a selection on one Object of Interest (Operations) this measurement could be correct if the filtering is functionality that is already available, because each filter is a similar function in itself where you can select a value from all available values for that field. The fact that you mention that you can type in only a few characters means that the function you describe is more a search function than a filter.

      For a filter you limit the amount of information that can be displayed by each field that you filter, allowing you to narrow down the amount of information you get, until you have found the exact item you were looking for.

      For a search you compare the dataset you have with the parameters you search for.

      In both cases the amount of work should not differ very much whether you use 1 or 15 parameters. The main difference is that your test set should be bigger for 15 parameters.

      Hope this helps.

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      Maricela Martínez

      Thanks Frank

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