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    Mariem Haoues

    I would like to apply COSMIC to measure the functional size of a distributed application in a cloud environment. I read the chapter “Estimation for Mobile and Cloud Environments“. However, I could not find a case study or an example to understand the measurement.

    How can I measure the interactions between two applications in the same cloud? If we take as an example the C-reg case study. The interactions between C-Reg system and Course catalog system are measured as Entry and eXit data movements. How could these interactions be measured if these two applications were in a cloud.

    If it is possible do you have any case study that illustrates the measurement of COSMIC functional size in a cloud environment.

    Mariem Haoues.
    PhD Candidate.
    Mir@cl Laboratory. University of Sfax, Tunisia.

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    Frank Vogelezang

    Dear Mariem,

    We did not include a cloud-based case study in the book chapter, because from a functional perspective there is no difference between the interaction between multiple applications, whether they are in the cloud or not. Cloud-based software is different from stand-alone or on-premise software in the sense that they have a strict use of internet-based protocols to communicate with other applications.

    So from a functional perspective cloud interactions are no different from the interactions described in the C-Reg case study.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

    Frank Vogelezang

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    Charles Symons

    Dear Mariem, I agree with Frank’s reply. The functional users of a distributed application (the software being measured) are the same regardless of whether the operating environment is cloud or non-cloud. Charles

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