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      Anureet Kaur

      I have read techniques proposed for COSMIC FSM for mobile apps estimation. I was wondering if any dataset similar to ISBSG is available for mobile apps specifically having CFP size, effort, etc. as the attributes. That will be a great help. looking forward to your recommendations.

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      hi Anureet,

      I just did a quick check and counted 6 COSMIC measured projects of mobile apps in the ISBSG Repository. As far as I know, there is no similar dataset available in the industry.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards, Harold

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      Anureet Kaur

      Thank you Harold van Heeringen sir for your reply. I emailed ISBSG repository providers two months back and they replied to me saying their dataset does not have any mobile apps. If you have any details regarding mobile apps dataset from ISBSG , is it possible to share with me? I have read “Measure the functional size of a mobile app Using the COSMIC functional size measurement method” published by yourself in 2014 and some methods proposed by other authors such as Loris D’Avanzo, Ferrucci, F., Frank Vogelezang, Asma Sellami etc. Loris D’Avanzo has used 8 mobile apps from google store for estimating codesize from CFP.
      ISBSG is benchmark dataset. Sir if possible can you plz share the dataset. Thanks in advance.

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