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      Hi All,

      I am new to COSMIC Function Point Counting and need your help in sizing the Enhancements.
      Any application, if the counting is being done for the first time then there is E, X, R, W which is very clear concept to apply while considering the functionalities.

      During enhancement, add & delete can be identified easily with the same understanding as it is during initial count. But if existing functionality is changed ie., attribute is changed or one sub process is changed, etc then
      – how do we consider the existing functionality for count?
      – is it mandatory to have an Entry and Exit in every transactions especially during enhancements? Triggering event is important inspite of no changes to it?
      – if a sub-process is changed in terms of new conditions or validations, then how many CFP’s will it fetch?
      – if an attribute is added to a DG, how is it counted?

      I know these are very basic questions, but need some clarity on this to understand and do COSMIC counting better.
      Also if any white paper related to only enhancement counting, please suggest.

      Thanks & Regards,

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      Frank Vogelezang

      Dear Daisy,

      You can find the answer in the Measurement Manual, section 4.4:

      A data movement is considered to be functionally modified if at least one of the following applies:

      • the data group moved is modified,
      • the associated data manipulation is modified.

      A data group is modified if at least one of the following applies:

      • one of more new attributes are added to the data group,
      • one or more existing attributes are removed from the data group,
      • one or more existing attributes are modified, e.g. in meaning or format (but not in their values)

      A data manipulation is modified if it is functionally changed in any way.

      So, if you apply this to your questions then:

      • estisting Data Movements are only counted when modified in any way
      • the mandatory Entry and Exit/Write apply to the Functional Process as a whole, so do not apply to any modification
      • only the Data Movements that are affected by the changed conditions are part of the enhancement count
      • when a Data Group is changed, the corresponding Data Movement(s) change

      Hope this helps.

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      Evic Chen

      I am also new here to learn from you all.

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