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    Jorge Chavez

    A group of newly certified people are discussing about the topic of the context diagram.
    The question is this: Should the box with a thick outline of the context diagram necessarily represent a functional process or can it represent a piece of software that is not necessarily a functional process?

    Un grupo de personas recién certificadas estamos discutiendo acerca del tema del diagrama de contexto.
    La duda es la siguiente: ¿La caja con contorno grueso del diagrama de contexto deberá representar obligatoriamente a un proceso funcional o puede representar a una pieza de software que no necesariamente es un proceso funcional?

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    Arlan Lesterhuis

    In the Measurement Manual see Figure 2.5 in section 2.3.3, especially the interpretation of the box with the thick outline symbol: it represents a piece of software (of which usually multiple functional processes can be identified in the next measurement phase). The Figures 2.6 and 2.7 show examples of context diagrams.

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    Charles Symons

    Jorge, on the cosmic-sizing website, there is a ‘Guideline for Measurement Strategy Patterns’ which describes several context diagram patterns that are commonly found for different types of software.
    I do not think that a piece of software can exist that is useful if it does not have complete functional processes, unless it is being developed and is not yet ‘complete’. Almost by definition, if a piece of software has ‘incomplete’ functional processes, it is not yet in a state where it can deliver useful functionality.

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    Jorge Chavez

    Thanks for you answers, so I can say that is correct to map more than one functional process (a piece of software can be more than one functional process) in one context diagram at the same time?

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    Estimado Jorge,

    Se utilizan los Diagramas de Contexto para mostrar el alcance de una pieza de software que se va a medir dentro de su contexto de usuarios funcionales, por lo general también muestran almacenamiento persistente.

    La caja con contorno negro y grueso que comentas representa la pieza de software que se desea medir.

    Si deseas diagramar los procesos funcionales, puedes utilizar los Diagramas de Secuencia de Mensajes, donde los procesos funcionales se representan por medio de una flecha vertical hacia abajo, flechas horizontales representan los movimientos de datos y una línea vertical punteada (discontinua) representa la frontera.


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    Charles Symons

    Jorge, the short answer is ‘yes’. Context diagrams are useful in the Measurement Strategy phase to help understand the scope and functional users of pieces of software to be measured.

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    Jorge Chavez

    Thank you very much.

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