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    Denis Krizanovic

    Hi Guys,

    It would be really good if the documents were in some html pages that would allow people to ‘deep link’ into the standards.

    For example, I would very much like to link into the definition of the GSM, to help people unfamiliar with the standard to read quickly about that one, and only one concept. But I cannot.

    I think doing this will help promote the standard, as people can dip into the content from any angle and slowly build their knowledge up. Obviously with all the caveats of impartial and unstructured learning paths.

    Having things in pdf documents, just isn’t web enough for today.


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    Bernard Londeix

    I was thinking too about something like that. Yes ‘in some html pages’ , or in something else, but what? however html would be a good starting point. Other point, should it be structured? or left free structure, or adaptable structure, or problem orientated structure?
    In any case some preliminary thinking wold be necessary and exciting.

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    Denis Krizanovic

    I just think something simple like a html version of the standard. Different sections broken up into different pages. With anchor’s for easy linking. That way, people can promote the standard by linking into it. Rather than asking people to download a pdf document with all the “noise” that a standard document must have.

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    Frank Vogelezang

    Interesting view. I copied this discussion from the LinkedIn User Group to the forum to get more exposure to the idea. We can convert the Word originals to pages I guess. We just need someone with enough time to do it.

    Check out the original discussion on LinkedIn.

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    Charles Symons

    Denis, good suggestion which we should be able to implement quickly. I assume we could deep link either to Sections of the Measurement Manual, or to each box containing the Principles of one of the models (Software Context or Generic Software) and all other boxes containing Definitions, Principles and Rules. My guess is that the latter could be more useful, though if anyone want to refer to examples, then referring to Sections would be more general. Any thoughts? Charles

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    Denis Krizanovic


    I think you want to make it as linkable as possible. In my previous workplace I always wanted to link the internal wiki into parts of the documents to help explain the heuristics we had adopted for our context. More links the merrier. Consider the way wikipedia creates links of every heading in every article, so you can link deeply into their world.


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