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      Dear Alain & Frank,

      On Friday you gave a presentation on the AMMS congress on the future of COSMIC with three topics:

      1. Future in Industry
      2. Future in Research
      3. Future of the Organization

      I think you are missing an important point for the future of the COSMIC method: COSMIC in Academia

      I think it would help if COSMIC has academic material that could help professors and lecturers in Software Engineering to teach the COSMIC method. The material you both presented at the conference could be a start.

      Regards, Jorge

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      Frank Vogelezang


      Sorry for the late reply, but in response to your question, we started an Education Committee. Maybe you can join this committee to help academics all over the world to teach the COSMIC method in their universities.

      Regards, Frank

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      Alberto Sampaio

      I’m teaching and I would like to know if there is already some material for the teach of COSMIC. Thank you.

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        Sylvie Trudel

        An “Education” committee was formed at our last annual meeting, whose mission is to produce training material for the community, or at least gather material from what already exists. This committee has yet to produce some material. I have gathered some, but it is currently in French. Due to the fact that most members are working in academia, it is expected that a lot of work will be done from May to August.

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      Alberto Sampaio

      Dear Sylvie,
      Many thanks for your answer. Please know that I will maintain the interest in such material.

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