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    Dinh Tuyen

    Dear all,

    I read manual about COSMIC, but I have not found formula to convert from CFP to effort (person-month) yet. Can you introduce some document to do it (especially for CFP), or I use COCOMO… to estimate effort from CFP?

    Thank you

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    Arlan Lesterhuis

    Dear Dinh,

    One way is to consult the ISBSG database, which contains data of hundreds of software projects, including their sizes in CFP and effort.

    However, if you have data of some software projects of your own organization you can make a ‘conversion model’ yourself: download.‎

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      Dinh Tuyen

      At this time not exists a formal way to estimate effort from CFP? I need cover all others factors (environment, risk…) in formal way, and I will change those parameters depend on my company.

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    Frank Vogelezang

    Dear Dinh,

    Estimating effort from functional size is a scientific subject in itself, about which a lot of documentation is available. I can recommend the 2015 book written by prof. Alain Abran, called “Software Project Estimation” (see

    The best way is to build an estimation model from data from your own organization. If you don’t have that, you can use data from the ISBSG-database or use commercial tools like SEER that take into account environment and risk factors.

    COCOMO II does not support CFP as size input.

    Regards, Frank

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