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      Sameer Majithiya


      Have a question on CFP measurement of an application which includes a third party tool.

      We have an application which has been partly built in-house (having a GUI and a server) and other part (charts/ dashboards) being developed using a third party tool. I need to measure CFP size of this application.

      Kindly note that, the third party tool has not been used As-is. In fact we just used a few of its functions. But those have to be customized in order to get the charts/ dashboards which we wanted. However with that we did receive some free functions VIZ, Export to PDF, Export to image to name a few, for which we did nothing.

      So while calculating CFP do we need to consider these functions as well? or we need to exclude these as they have not been worked upon by the development team?

      Let’s consider following two objectives –
      1. To derive the productivity by sizing this project which includes inbuilt and third party application
      2. To derive the size of the application (which offer some additional functions which we did not anticipate for) but which we may be using.

      Can the size differ in the above two scenarios?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Frank Vogelezang


      The scope of what you want to measure depends on the purpose of the measurement. See the Measurement Manual on that for details.

      In your first scenario you should only consider the software you built yourself and the changes you made to the third party software, let’s call this the project functional size.

      In your second scenario you should consider all the functionality you are delivering with the software, whether you have done anything for it or not, let’s call this the product functional size.

      In this case, or in the case of enhancing existing software, there will be a difference between the project and the product functional size.

      I hope this helps.

      Regards, Frank

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      Charles Symons

      Sameer. if I understand your question correctly, for the various objectives it will help to distinguish the following parts of your applicaton.
      a) the functionality you developed in-house (measure size in the normal way)
      b) the functionality of the 3rd-party tool that you had to modify (1. measure the size of the changes you made and 2. measure the size of these functions after they were changed)
      c) the functionality that the tool provided that you did not modify, but that was needed accordng to the FUR for the application (measure size in the normal way)
      d) the funcitonality that you got for free but which you did not need.
      FUR means ‘Functional User Requirements’, so I don’t think you should include the size d) of functionality you did not need in a measure that will be used for productivity. The productivity of the team can be measured in two ways: ‘Development productivity’ = size of (a+b1)/E, where E is the team effort. Or measure ‘Implementation productivity’ = (a +b2 + c)/E. Comparing the two productivity measures should illustrate the productivity gain from a buy-versus-develop decision. The development productivity is likely to be more useful for future effort estimating, if that is another goal.
      The size of the applicaton is a + b2 + c + d, though if the functionality d is never used, this measure may be misleading for whatever you will be doing with the measures in the future. Remember also that the tool supplier may add or change the tool. Avoid measures that will be misleading longer-term. I hope this helps

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      Sameer Majithiya

      Thank you Frank ! Thank you Charles !

      This really helps.

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